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How To Properly Field A Ground Ball

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The act of fielding a ground ball has become an art form, from the ballet-like qualities of a middle infielder, to the blue-collar, brick wall mentality of the corner men.  Fielding a ground ball requires balance, coordination, agility, speed, aggressiveness and quick thinking.  Here are 5 important mechanical absolutes to get you started:

  • puljos1.Starting Position:  Here is a great example of proper pre-pitch fielding position.  Albert Puljos has his weight balanced on the balls of his feet, knees bent and butt down in a great athletic stance.  He is now in a great position to react either way in the event a ball is near him.  At 6’3’’ tall, Puljos has lowered himself enough to field from underneath the baseball and is one of the best fielding first basemen in the game today.



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