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Should You Swing On A 2-0 Count?

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swingAs Coaches and Hitters, we can sometimes fall into the trap of automatically swinging in a 2-0 count.  In other situations, hitters may be too passive, taking the 2-0 pitch that they should be driving to the gaps.  Does the situation 2-0 count?  Instant swing...?  ...maybe not, read on.

Major Leaguers make their careers swinging in 2-0, 3-1 counts.  Its one of the most predictable pitches you'll see as a hitter, and the main reason that pitchers ALWAYS should get ahead of hitters.  But I digress.  I teach 2-0 counts according to the SITUATION AT HAND.  If there's runners in scoring position, then you're 2-0 swing should look something like a Lion, drooling for some hungry meat.  In this situation, you're looking to drive the ball as far as you can.  Granted, you still want the ball to be in a decent location, but I tell my players that with runners in scoring position, you're not looking for a perfect pitch, you're looking for the first DRIVABLE pitch...something under your hands, around the plate.

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