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How To Teach Aggressive Hitting

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Coaching HittingWhen teaching hitting, swing mechanics is usually what coaches focus most on.  Much time is spent in front of a net, or in the cage where pitches are placed/thrown down the middle, placed on a tee or tossed lightly in front of the hitter.  Swinging then becomes repetitive and the hitter’s eye learns to focus on one specific spot in front of him or the plate.

Come game time, that same beautiful, powerful swing you have been working on all off-season is finally ready to be showcased.  BUT…your hitter strikes out looking, or takes a few strikes before swinging defensively at a ball in the dirt or over his head.  What happened?  Was all that work wasted time?

How much time did you spend with your player working on his mental ability to HIT!  If you’re like most coaches, your answer is: Not Much. Want the entire article? Click here to become a TBB member today?

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