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Questions for the Coach...

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Q:  hey im jared i play high schoool baseball and i seem to turn my head often what do u think is the best drill for me! please help

Coach Corral:  Tee work will help create good habits. Try and keep your chin on your front shoulder, and when swinging, your chin should stay still and the back shoulder should come to meet your chin.

Q:  hi.. my name is austin i play highschool baseball and i seem to drop my shoulder also.. i also pull the ball to much my coach tells me that i would be a better hitter if i worked on going to the opposite field what is a good drill to help me go the other way..

Coach Corral:  Set a batting tee up and line up the ball with your zipper or back hip, slightly away from your body as if its an outside pitch. Take your stride and swing, remembering to keep your hands inside the ball. You'll develop a confidence in letting the ball get deep and taking the outside pitch to the opposite field.

Q:  Hi my names michael i play baseball and im 12 im on an aau team too. my problem is i try to hit homeruns and i cant. should i thorw my body into the ball or should i just keep my weight back on my back foot the whole swing?

Coach Corral:  As you rotate your back foot, knee and hip into the ball, your energy and weight will transfer into your swing as long as you keep a firm front leg. You should never "throw" all your weight forward into the ball, you'll end up lunging.


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