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Baseball Bat Q & A

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What is BBCOR?

BBCOR means "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution".  It is the new standard by which new aluminum baseball bats are tested, replacing the soon to be extinct BESR certification.

How are BBCOR bats different from BESR bats?

BBCOR testing accounts for the inertia of the bat, something BESR certifications didn't test for.

What are composite bats?

Composite baseball bats are constructed with the same aluminum outer shell but the inside is made of a woven graphite wall which allows for better swing weights and trampoline effect.  The composite bats structure allowed the BESR bats to outperform their standards.

How should I measure my child's bat?

My rule of thumb is standing a bat up between a player's legs.  The bat should come to the crossstich of his pants, give or take 1 inch.  If the bat comes to or past his belt, it is too long.

Why is it important to have a properly sized bat?

Hitting is about controlling the bat barrel.  The longer the bat is, the farther away from your body the barrel gets.  The length of the bat can pull your hands away from your body, making the swing longer and slower.

What if I've already bought a bat and its too long?

Have your player "choke up".  By gripping the bat 1-2" higher instead of on the knob, you can effecively shorten the bat, and bring the barrel back closer to the body.

If you have any more questions about bats, weights, lengths, etc. ask me a question at:

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