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Understanding Your Abilities

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Every batter should understand their abilities and possibilities, that they may contribute those abilities to the team.

I must know my physical capabilities and hit accordingly.  If I don’t have power, then I’ll hit line drives, spray the ball, walk, bunt and get on base.  I’ll use all of my available assets.  I won’t try to hit for power and reduce my value to the team.  On the other hand, if I can hit for power, why not increase my value even more by learning the bunting game?  The defense might be looking for a long ball, and I can lay down a bunt.

I have got to be a tough out at the plate.  I need to be aggressive and not allow the umpire to make my decision for me.  If I put the ball in play, who knows what can happen with the defense.  I would rather have a fighting chance and swing the bat, rather than not swing at all and destroy my chances of reaching base to help the team.

I won’t ever concede to the pitcher.  I won’t give him a psychological edge.  If I think for a moment that he’s too fast or that his slider is great or his curve is unhittable, I will have lost my edge over the pitcher…he has won!!  I’ll wipe out all fear of getting hit by the ball.

I must get psychologically up every time I go to the plate.  When adrenaline is flowing, everything becomes clearer.  I will see the ball better, read the seams, and smash that ball!!

I must work hard at being a great hitter.  Hitters are made through work ethic, discipline, repetition and reaction.  I will make an effort to give effort day in and day out.

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