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2007 Marshall Story

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Dr. Mike Marshall Yahoo story from 2007

Marshall baseball card bio

2011 Strasberg story

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What is Shoulder Impingement

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Written By Jim Moran, PT, Shoulder Specialist

What is shoulder impingement?

This condition can also be referred to as thrower’s shoulder or swimmer’s shoulder. Shoulder Impingement is when the all important rotator cuff tendons become pinched in the subacromial space. The subacromial space is where two bones, the acromion (roof of the joint) and the humeral head (the ball of the upper arm bone), come almost together creating a narrow passage way in which the supraspinatus (one of the four rotator cuff muscles) tendon must pass through. Under optimal conditions the rotator cuff tendon is not getting rubbed, infringed upon or pinched in this tight space. During impingement, the rotator cuff tendon is pinched between the acromion and the humeral head causing inflammation, fraying and tearing if this condition is not corrected.

What causes impingement in the overhead athlete?

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Baseball is one of the most purest forms of sport played today.  Search "baseball tips" in your search bar and you'll find thousands of pages touting tips from all sorts of different coaches, volunteers, fans etc.

I can tell you that there is no "tried and true" method of training, no "silver bullet" that will ensure you of a college or even pro career.  Not even body type or structure guarantees you an "IN" or "OUT".  I will tell you that the one common denominator in all major leaguers is PASSION.

When you are passionate about what you do, it becomes a part of your life and more importantly your lifestyle.  Some young athletes at these ages are huge fans of video games such as XBOX360 and Playstation.  Most of their afternoons and evenings are spent doing homework then sitting down for some Call of Duty with their online buddies.  It has become a part of their lifestyle.

I have a 360 and a WII myself, and while I do love a great video game, my mornings, afternoons and nights are related to bettering my knowledge and ability to teach baseball.  Now that my playing days are over, that has become my passion.

Once those players, however young, find that passion, it overwhelms them.  It assimilates into your daily lives.  An equilibrium is reached between the many other activities a young athlete may be involved in, or other activities are soon discarded.  I played football, basketball, band, etc.  As baseball grew larger, certain sports or activities soon fell away.  My mother used to call me a baseballholic.  Stats, batting stances, autographs...I knew I would be a pro ball player from Day 1.    Sometimes, player's "Passion switches" don't turn on until they turn 10, 14, 12, 8....who knows.  It's all based on their experiences up until then, their parentage, their social interactions, their enjoyment of the game and competition.

I love watching players finally hitting their own personal "passion" switches.  They begin to think strategically.  They begin to learn the chess game of baseball, pitch by pitch.  They ask questions, become self-analytical, begin their own workout regimens at home and begin to learn about eating healthier.

On the field, they become more aggressive, more assertive.  They become leaders by example.  How does this happen?

Passion.  The common denominator for any successful top athelete.      

How To Choose A Travel Baseball Team

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If you have a child playing baseball these days you no doubt know about the explosive growth of so-called “independent” or “AAU” travel teams and leagues.  Joining such a team can be a rewarding experience for the entire family, but a wise selection process is critical.

Here are the key considerations:


Consider the team’s mission.  I strongly support independent baseball if the team’s mission is to provide athletes an environment in which to develop the skills they will need to play at the high school and college level.  Too often, I have seen teams whose primary objective is to win games, titles and trophies.  Because they are not committed to building a system and program with long-term goals, players and parents become disillusioned and such teams end up quickly disbanding.

The best teams have written mission statements which show that the team is committed to training and player development; provide clear rules codes of conduct for players and parents; and establish practice and game expectations for players and coaches.  Select a team that is committed to educating the whole child in athletics, including athletic values, athleticism, nutrition, and leadership skills.

More importantly, look for a team that actually delivers on that commitment.  In my 25 years of coaching, I have found that while most teams are good at talking the talk about these values at the beginning of the season, very, very few walk the walk by delivering on its promises during the season.

Time commitment

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The Art of Responsible Sport Conversation: Parent & Athlete

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Once we recognize similarities and differences between our goals and our children's goals, we can better dadandsonshape conversations with our children. As Responsible Sports Parents, we have to remind ourselves that our main goal is to help our children learn and apply life lessons.
As much as you, your children and their coaches want to win games -- only the players and coaches are ultimately responsible for winning. As fans and parents, our job is to make sure our children use their youth sports experience to grow into successful adults. If we become overly focused on winning, we are likely to miss opportunities to play this important role with our kids (and with other kids on the team).

Within that context, consider the following scenario, and remember, there are no "right" answers…
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