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How To Deal With Those Teen Years: Part 1

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Welcome to the wonderful world of being a baseball Dad. Growing up, both my Dad and I were so naive to baseball (he came from a musician background) that we both kept our ears open, mouths shut and listen to whatever my coaches told me at the time. Through my 15, 16 year old years, my rebellious attitude began to form and I hated listening to Dad's opinion, even though it was the same thing I was hearing. I DIDN'T WANT TO HEAR THAT MY DAD WAS RIGHT, AND I WAS WRONG! I knew it all, and didn't need Dad to tell me what I already knew about baseball, the world, etc. Sound familiar?

The older I get, the smarter my Dad becomes. I use that phrase constantly with the Dads whose sons I coach on my teams. I don't let Dad's help assist me in coaching their kids for two reasons: Want the full article? Click here to become a TBB member today! {reg}
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Overbearing Parents?

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Coaching travel ball for some time now, I have seen both bad and good parents. I know of one player who is now a soph in high school who's family has spent upwards of $50,000 per year for at least the last 3 years on his play, travel and instruction.

I have seen overbearing Dads chastizing their sons in the dugout after a bad inning, I've seen Dads bring their sons or another player into a game to pitch without any prior warmup. I know one son who calls his father an "A#$hole" at the age of 15 because his father is so hard on him. I've met parents who resort to drinking vodka in the stands when their son pitches. I've had parents ask me not to pitch their son because THEY (THE PARENTS) can't handle the stress of watching them. I have fathers who purposefully don't allow their sons to golf or play tennis because "it'll mess up his baseball swing". I played tennis and golf for years and I've never had a problem with putting the bat on the ball. Want the full article? Click here to become a TBB member today! {reg}
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