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Genetic Sports Testing?

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Genetic Sports Testing?


In this day and age of modern medical technology we use genetic testing to analyze DNA to "determine predispositions to disease".  But a New York Times articles recently brought into light a Boulder Colorado company called Atlas Sports Genetics who has been marketing a gene test to determine if kids 1-8yrs old to attempt to predict a child's natural strengths.


Many experts have formulated opinions over the last month and I myself will be going on the Dr. Casey Show in Los Angeles this weekend (AM 830 2:00pm) to speak my opinion about this matter.


I will leave you all to form your own opinions about Genetic Sports Testing.  Here are some article links about the topic and there will be a forum topic in the TBB Community Forum for those who'd like to share their own opinions.  I encourage friendly debate as this could be a very touchy subject among parents.  I'd love to hear what you all have to say!


Here are the links, I look forward to seeing you in the Forum!


New York Times, Nov 30, 2008: Born To Run?  Little Ones Get Test For Sports Gene.  The ACTN3 Sports Test.  What Can It Really Tell You? 


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