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How To Handle Getting Cut From The Team

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One of the most difficult things for a coach to do is to make a cut list.  Conversely, the worst thing for a young player is to see his name missing from the list of players that have made the team.  There is nothing pleasant about it.  Before we make the cuts with our high school teams, we consider everything and we do what we can to seriously evaluate our athletes.  Coaches that have coached for any length of time can recognize talent.  Coaches may not always have a chance to get to know a player as a person prior to meeting them on the baseball field. 

What goes into making decisions?

Coaches look at a variety of things in order to make up their teams.  The physical abilities and talents of their players are always the most important part of decisions.  Some things that coaches will look for often include: Want the full article? Click here to become a TBB member today!
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