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Teaching Better Baseball


The Benefit for Moms

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I swim daily through a sea of testosterone. I have 1 hubby, 2 sons and 1 intact male Labrador. It is no wonder my family considers me "One of the boys". While it is slightly flattering, it is also a little intimidating. I really have no clue what it is like to be a guy. This is very obvious at the times when I have to deal with something related to baseball. All 3 guys are catchers, and I personally was a softball outfielder (AKA a daisy-picker), so I haven't a clue about how baseball feels and progresses. Maybe you have felt the same way? There are so many ins and outs to helping your player progress from the fun, unbridled craziness of T-ball, Little League, to travel ball, high school, college and beyond. Even though my husband was a professional player, I often felt confused about where to find the best programs, coaches, teams and opportunities for my boys to keep going and getting to where they wanted to be.

Most of the time, the dads know all about this kind of thing because they are usually the ones who are really involved and they talk to the other dads and coaches (which is sometimes a tight little circle to infiltrate if you are female). But if you are a single mom, or the mom of a player who has a dad that travels a lot, this responsibility may fall to your shoulders. Now you have help to find your way through the maze of instruction and help to determine what is best for your player and his future.

TeachingBetterBaseballTM will be that resource for you that I wish I had when my boys were growing. It is designed to do what it says: help players learn better baseball from the people who have the experience of teaching the game at various levels. There is something for everyone here, so jump in, and plan to find what you need. If you don't, feel free to contact me, and I will help you to get the answers you seek!

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