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Baseball Scoring Definitions

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Baseball Scoring Definitions


Bunt - When a batter holds the baseball bat out and tries to barely tap the ball vs. taking a full swing at the ball. The batter might do this to advance another base runner.

Count - The number of balls and strikes on a batter. For example a 3/2 (full) count means there are three balls and two strikes on the batter.

Fly ball - A baseball that is hit high into the air.

Foul ball - A baseball that is hit outside the field of fair play.

Full count - When the pitch count has 2 strikes and 3 balls. The next strike or ball will end the at bat. If the batter hits the baseball foul, then the count remains 3 and 2.

Ground ball - A baseball that is hit on the ground. Also called a "grounder".

Pinch hitter - A substitute baseball hitter.

Pinch runner - A substitute base runner.

Pitch out - A pitch that is thrown purposely away from the hitter. A pitchout is used in an attempt to throw out a runner trying to steal a base.

Hit or Single (H) -A batter is credited with a hit when he reaches first base (or any other base) safely on a ball hit into play in fair territory, after it touches the ground or a fence before being touched by a fielder, or which clears a fence, and when the fielder could not retire the batter with ordinary effort.

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