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Coaching Baseball: Getting Hitters Out

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"There is fairly large kid who my son sometimes plays with and sometimes plays against. I happen to know this kid well and I also know that he hates low pitches. I told my son whenever you pitch against him keep the ball down and inside because he has a tendancy to bar his front arm. My son has been very successful with that strategy against him.

Lately, I've noticed the kid is changing his batting set-up. Standing way up in the box. His back foot nearly even with the front of the plate. These were scrimmage games and the boxes weren't well defined so no-one called him on it. But, lets say he's able to stay in the box when he swings. What would be the best strategy against this technique of trying to take away the pitchers low pitches?"

CC:  One of my favorite challenges as a youth coach is teaching my young pitchers how to overcome bigger, strong hitters. The key is in the hitters drool! Psychologically, he feels superior at the plate because he's so big and can become OVER-aggressive, and even go so far as to move up in the box and not fear your fastball.
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