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Why My Pitchers Can Throw Everyday

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Since I teach proper mechanics that do not injure a pitcher's arm, the serious training can begin.

Pitching is one ballistic activity after another.  Once correct mechanics, rhythm and timing are learned to throw the object, we increase the resistance.  My pitchers throw 2-8lb lead balls into our rebound wall over 40 times per day, our pro pitchers as many as 500 per day.  The body adapts to these new strength levels and we increase resistance when our bodies plateau.  Pitchers with traditional styled mechanics would blow their arms out in a heartbeat throwing a lead ball this way.

With the strength training we do, it leaves the arm plenty of strength to practice throwing baseballs 24 to 48 pitches after their workouts to master their 6-8 different pitches.  I've had pitchers come in the day after a start to throw a bullpen after their workout.  One pitcher threw 120 pitch bullpens four days in a row with no soreness.  Pitchers that are able to throw without soreness or pain can spend more time working on the skills of moving and locating their pitches.

A recent article I read stated several reasons pitchers shouldn't train year round, all reasons had to deal with injuries or instabilities brought on by injurious mechanics.  I can understand their reasoning if their pitchers have injurious mechanics, but they must understand that they are limiting what their pitchers can do by allowing these injurious mechanics in the first place.

"Resting the arm" is dangerous.  Rest breeds atrophy in the muscles.  Rest also breeds detraining.  Physiological systems lose cardiovascular and motor unit memory.  Your body returns to pre-training fitness levels with 1 month of detraining.  It then takes nearly double the amount of time to retrain back to pre-detraining intensity.

So what does this mean?  The offseason should be a time for buildup, for strength gains.  Not to weaken the arm by resting it.  During the season pitchers should maintain a level of strength fitness by continuing their strength program at maintenance levels.  

It all comes back to mechanics.  When the body is used properly to throw baseballs, the body can be made and built to throw everyday of the week without fear of injury, making better, stronger and more skilled pitchers.

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