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Joey Devine, 2010

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In case you missed it, Joey Devine is having a second Tommy John surgery after his first in 2009.  This is proof that regular rehab procedures and "plasma-rich platelet injections" simply do not work to make the arm any better.  Only proper mechanical adjustments to remove the injury causing bad habits will end the Tommy John madness.


Devine slowly building up arm strength
June 01, 2010

BOSTON, MA:  Joey Devine is no longer making guesses on when he'll be back in Oakland.  After all, the A's rehabbing reliever, recovering from last year's Tommy John surgery, thought he'd already be with the team by now.  "To be honest, I'm done making timetables," said Devine, who experienced his first setback in March in the form of tendinitis.  "I thought I'd be back by June."

Yet if Devine has his way, he still might be.  A lot has to go right, but Devine said he could potentially be putting on that green and gold uniform by the end of June.  The 26-year-old pitcher, who in 2008 posted a 0.59 ERA in 42 appearances with Oakland, has been throwing a bullpen session every two to three days at the A's Minor League complex in Phoenix, AZ.


Overuse vs. Misuse In Youth Pitching

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The big debate in youth baseball pitching is pitch counts.  Counting pitches in games has been widely endorsed by little league, ASMI and many other professional establishments hellbent on reducing overuse injuries from throwing too much.

Are they correct in their findings and recommendations?

Yes...and NO!

The one area they seem to miss the most is the misuse of mechanics.  Misuse is the #1 factor for pitching arm injuries.  Pitchers misuse the arm by using faulty mechanics that stress the arm and its joints repeatedly.  Because of faulty mechanics, stresses are placed on the elbow and shoulder needlessly.  Overuse of pitchers with faulty mechanics will most definitely lead to arm injuries.
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Why My Pitchers Can Throw Everyday

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Since I teach proper mechanics that do not injure a pitcher's arm, the serious training can begin.

Pitching is one ballistic activity after another.  Once correct mechanics, rhythm and timing are learned to throw the object, we increase the resistance.  My pitchers throw 2-8lb lead balls into our rebound wall over 40 times per day, our pro pitchers as many as 500 per day.  The body adapts to these new strength levels and we increase resistance when our bodies plateau.  Pitchers with traditional styled mechanics would blow their arms out in a heartbeat throwing a lead ball this way.

With the strength training we do, it leaves the arm plenty of strength to practice throwing baseballs 24 to 48 pitches after their workouts to master their 6-8 different pitches.  I've had pitchers come in the day after a start to throw a bullpen after their workout.  One pitcher threw 120 pitch bullpens four days in a row with no soreness.  Pitchers that are able to throw without soreness or pain can spend more time working on the skills of moving and locating their pitches.
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Member Testimonials

Dear Coach Corral,

After trying unsuccessfully to teach my six year old to pivot on his back foot when batting, we watched your video “squishing the bug”. Within a few swings after watching your video, his swing power dramatically improved to the point that I had to get a glove to continue practicing with him. Thanks!!!

Anthony Garcia
Nogales, Arizona

Hey I just wanted to email you a BIG THANK YOU!  Corey is playing so much better this season.  He is hitting the ball (only 2 hits thus far), putting it in play, and no strike outs (only player on the team not to).  He is really doing well at 1st, who would of known. 

Ladera Ranch, Calfornia

Just wanted to let you know that John told me he saw a HUGE improvement in Matthew's throwing at his juniors game last night, and Matthew told us about your tip on his footwork.  Thanks. 
Stephanie L.
Aliso Viejo, California

Thank you Ruben,

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the time Zach spent with you. To say he is reserved is an understatement so getting him to put it all out there is a challenge. He is very coachable but I think he tends to overthink vs react. I loved seeing his confidence after his time with you.

Ladera Ranch, California

Colby really enjoyed the lesson.  It is the first time that he actually was excited after a lesson and he told his dad that he really liked you.  And, last night he made great contact with the ball!

Mission Viejo, California

 Hi Ruben,

Thanks again for your time on Friday.  We all really appreciated you spending time talking with us (especially Vincent); it means more than we could ever express!  Once again, you made a great impression!

Ladera Ranch, California


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