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Teaching Better Baseball

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jayson-bray-pitchingTeachingBetterBaseball is designed to help players, coaches and parents learn the skills, drills, strategies and philosophies of baseball.  Using an easy to understand approach to teaching the game, Coach Corral and the TBB Staff will instruct and guide you through the great subtleties and nuances of the game.  As a Hall of Fame Club Member, you will have access to an ever-expanding video, audio and article library of baseball.
"I know that if had a resource to go to on the internet everyday, I'da been on there day and night, learning something new about the game on a daily basis.  So much has been written in books, but I've always felt visual learning is a much proactive style of learning.
TeachingBetterBaseball not only covers the ins and outs of playing the game, but also brings focus to three very main components of baseball that seldom have been touched on all at once...the Mental side of the game, Strength and Conditioning, and proper Diet and Nutrition.  Using area experts, TBB can bring players, parents and coaches more information to improve their game!
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