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Join The Coach Ruben Corral Hall Of Fame Club Today And Receive These Benefits!!


  • Access to ALL VIDEO, AUDIO and ARTICLE lessons.
  • Access to LIVE LESSON footage.  Watch Coach Corral during select private lessons!  What he teaches to his students, YOU CAN LEARN TOO!!
  • Access to our upcoming "Behind the Game" episodes. Watch and learn as Coach Corral takes his teams through practices and games over the course of a travel ball season.
  • Interactive discussions in our "Hall of Fame Members Only" section in TBB's Community Forums, which include:
    • Suggest a Lesson: HOF Club Members can suggest topics for online lessons from our coaching staff and watch the coaches perform the lesson on video, either live or in an upcoming update.
    • Webcasts and podcasts with Coach Corral, TBB staff and guest speakers/coaches.
    • Access to detailed articles, research and case studies on both physical and mental performance adapted to all age groups...including COACHES AND PARENTS.
    • VIDEO ANALYSIS COMING SOON: Submit your video and have Coach Corral and TBB Staff analyze mechanics and suggest changes if necessary.
You get all this and more for just $9.95 per month!! or a $119.40 for ayear!!

(Most private coaches charge $30-$60 PER LESSON for this information)

As of 2007, worldwide, there are more than 2.3 million players in Little League, not to mention the millions of others of varying age groups. With TeachingBetterBaseball's commitment to learning and development, parents and coaches worldwide can help create more well-rounded players in both mind and body.
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