Teaching Better Baseball http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/ Recent Videos Video <![CDATA[Aroldis Chapman]]>  Tom House, who has injured more pitcher's arms than anybody on the planet, spoke last year of how great Aroldis Chapman's pitching mechanics are. Look at the arm angles as they are freeze framed and you can see why he is now injured. This is the complete BS that is taught to pitcher's on a daily basis. Needless to say, I do not endorse anything in this video.]]> Mon, 05 Mar 2012 14:33:07 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/222/pitching/aroldis-chapman.html <![CDATA[Biomechanics Evaluation of a Pitcher]]>  This is a slo-mo understanding of the mechanical aspect of pitching. Notice the pitcher's foot parallel to the rubber (wrong), taking his pitching arm behind his body towards first base (wrong), the whip and valgus external rotation as he whips the ball forward (wrong), all leads to injuries and loss of control and velocity.]]> Fri, 10 Feb 2012 13:10:20 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/221/pitching/biomechanics-evaluation-of-a-pitcher.html <![CDATA[LHP Sandy Koufax: RareSportsFilms.com]]>  CLICK: http://www.raresportsfilms.com/baseball.html]]> Fri, 10 Feb 2012 04:04:09 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/220/coach-corral-favorites/lhp-sandy-koufax-raresportsfilmscom.html <![CDATA[Baseball Fielding: Infield Tips]]>  Unknown]]> Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:16:31 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/219/fielding/baseball-fielding-infield-tips.html <![CDATA[Baseball Catching: Throwing out Basestealers]]>  Unknown]]> Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:09:44 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/218/catching/baseball-catching-throwing-out-basestealers.html <![CDATA[Baseball fielding: How to Hold Runners at First Base]]>  Unknown]]> Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:07:02 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/217/fielding/baseball-fielding-how-to-hold-runners-at-first-base.html <![CDATA[Baseball Lesson: Hitting Mentality]]>  What is my game philosophy for young players when it comes to hitting.]]> Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:04:15 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/216/hitting/baseball-lesson-hitting-mentality.html <![CDATA[Baseball Fieding: Setup and ready position]]>  Unknown]]> Sun, 23 Jan 2011 14:57:23 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/215/fielding/baseball-fieding-setup-and-ready-position.html <![CDATA[Best Ever Spiderman Baseball Catch - Masato Akamatsu [HD]]]>  What an amazing Wall-Climbing Catch, Ball-player by Hiroshima Toyo Carp's Masato Akamatsu, who is going Spiderman all the way to stop Yokohoma's Shuichi Murata from a home run. Taken from the Yokohama BayStars Vs. Hiroshima Carp game.]]> Sat, 22 Jan 2011 20:44:57 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/214/coach-corral-favorites/best-ever-spiderman-baseball-catch-masato-akamatsu-hd.html <![CDATA[Tim Lincecum Progression]]>  Tim Lincecum Progression of mechanics from UW to San Jose to the Pro's.]]> Tue, 18 Jan 2011 22:22:39 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/213/coach-corral-favorites/tim-lincecum-progression.html <![CDATA[Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a 12-6 Curveball]]>  A 12-6 curveball drops below a batter's knees when thrown. Strike batters out using 12-6 curveballs with tips from a baseball coach in this free video about playing baseball. Expert: Mike Nolan Bio: Mike Nolan works as a strength coach and baseball instructor for Coastal Athletics in Wilmington, North Carolina. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC]]> Tue, 18 Jan 2011 19:58:02 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/212/coach-corral-favorites/coaching-baseball--how-to-throw-a-12-6-curveball.html <![CDATA[Baseball Infielders Drill]]>  Kudda.com http://www.kudda.com/sports presents thousands of free youth sports coaching videos. In this baseball drill, Coach Bernstorf explains how he teaches basic infielding drills during practice.]]> Tue, 18 Jan 2011 17:24:45 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/211/coach-corral-favorites/baseball-infielders-drill.html <![CDATA[Pitching: Getting your fingers on top of the ball!]]>  Coach Corral tip.]]> Mon, 01 Nov 2010 11:15:56 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/209/pitching/pitching-getting-your-fingers-on-top-of-the-ball.html <![CDATA[How to field a ground ball]]>  Silky smooth describes fielders with soft hands. But even before hands come into play, approaching the ball with proper mechanics and being able to read hops and see underneath the ball are even more important, as they set the tone for your defensive prowess. Coach Bonilla's great hands and knowledge of the fielding technique is shown to you in this video.]]> Sat, 30 Oct 2010 20:18:04 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/208/fielding/how-to-field-a-ground-ball.html <![CDATA[Catching stance and setup]]>  Coach Sommer McCartney shows us proper stance and setup which he learned from his days in college and professional baseball. Having the proper positioning during setup helps hide signs from the opposition, gives you a relaxed stance and helps aid mobility left and right.]]> Sat, 30 Oct 2010 20:13:14 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/207/catching/catching-stance-and-setup.html <![CDATA[Catching Responsibilities]]>  Learn what responsibilities a catcher should have.]]> Sat, 30 Oct 2010 20:05:45 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/206/catching/catching-responsibilities.html <![CDATA[Catching Pitchouts]]>  The pitchout is one of the best defenses against an attempted steal. Unfortunately, calling a pitchout is a bit of a gamble since you don't quite know whether a runner is going or not. The best scenario would happen when a coach picks the opposing coach's sign and you know FOR SURE that a steal is coming. The pitchout also takes great timing, footwork and speed in order to get the ball down to 2nd base in time. Coach McCartney takes us through the footwork of the pitchout.]]> Sat, 30 Oct 2010 20:03:45 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/205/catching/catching-pitchouts.html <![CDATA[How to lead off 1st base]]>  Learn how to properly and attentively lead off of 1st base.]]> Fri, 29 Oct 2010 12:22:44 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/204/baserunning/how-to-lead-off-1st-base.html <![CDATA[5 Basic Steps to Pitching]]>  Coach Corral identifies phases in the pitching motion. Each one of these phases involves both ballistic activity and controlled chaos]]> Fri, 29 Oct 2010 12:17:13 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/203/pitching/5-basic-steps-to-pitching.html <![CDATA[How to Field a Ground Ball]]>  Coach Bonilla teaches the footwork and body position you need to field ground balls aggressively and put yourself in position to make a great throw.]]> Thu, 28 Oct 2010 15:43:41 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/202/fielding/how-to-field-a-ground-ball.html <![CDATA[How to Run A Dynamic Offensive Practice]]>  Coach Corral gives some great tips on how to plan an efficient offensive batting and defensive practice.]]> Thu, 28 Oct 2010 15:25:05 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/201/coaching/how-to-run-a-dynamic-offensive-practice.html <![CDATA[How To Throw A Changeup - TeachingBetterBaseball.com]]>  The changeup is the most devastating pitch in a pitcher's arsenal. Using three visual cues that batter's can identify, pitcher's can disrupt a batter's timing and put yourself in a position to dominate the game. Learn more techniques such as these at TeachingBetterBaseball.com!]]> Wed, 27 Oct 2010 17:48:10 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/198/pitching/how-to-throw-a-changeup-teachingbetterbaseballcom.html <![CDATA[Baseball Hitting: Basic Hitting Mechanics]]>  While the baseball swing has many complexities, these are fundamental basics that young hitters can learn and benefit from. To become a BetterBaseball player, go to TeachingBetterBaseball.com!]]> Wed, 27 Oct 2010 04:09:30 GMT http://teachingbetterbaseball.com/video-lessons/free-video-galleries/viewvideo/197/hitting/baseball-hitting-basic-hitting-mechanics.html